An Anonymous Writer Comes After Daddy Freeze

An anonymous writer comes for Daddy Freeze for criticising Majek Fashek performance at COZA 

According to him, "Pastor Biodun should be commended for letting someone like Majek Fashek to perform in the church. A lot circular artists to where Christians but left the faith because they felt there talents are not appreciated and are not loved they believe they won't get as far as they can get but Pastor Biodun proved otherwise by let Majek to perform in his church to show Majek and others like him that the church appreciate them & also to let them know that they can even strive better As Christians. 

Even as the world have seen Majek as a failure, the Church still Believe in him. That's something commendable. Besides to prove that Daddy freeze is a Divisive agent of the devil, Majek wasn't an unbeliever in the first place. Lots of his music where Gospel or is it because he didn't tag him self a gospel artiste? Freeze is just looking for means to divide the church. If Pastor Biodun had criticised Majek for leaving a worldly life, I believe Daddy freeze will be the first to criticize him for being judgemental. 

If Majek is not qualified to minister in songs to the church based on lifestyle then him daddy freeze is not even qualified to call him self a Christian come to talk of preaching the Gospel and to even talk of criticising pastors.


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