Pope Francis Raises Hopes For Married Men To Become Priests In Catholic Church

There might be some hopes for married men who would love to serve God in the Catholic Church as Pope Francis calls for debate over allowing these men to become priests.

The Pontiff in a recent decision has requested a debate over allowing married men in the Amazon region of Brazil become priests, The Telegraph reports.

Some Vatican sources said the controversial decision by the Pope on this debate is likely to cause outrage among Catholics.

It was gathered that Pope Francis' decision to put a 'partial lifting' of priestly celibacy up for discussion and possibly voting by the bishops in Brazil followed a request by a Cardinal on the issue.

Cardinal Claudio Hummes, the president of the Episcopal Commission for the Amazon, had reportedly asked the Pope to consider ordaining viri probati - married men of great faith - as priests.

The cardinal was said to have argued that these men are capable if ministering to many individuals in remote communities within the Amazon.

He also raised issues of the shortage of priests and other evangelical Christians and pagan sect who he said are capable of displacing Catholicism.

Hummes request which was resonated by Monsignor Erwin Krautler, the secretary of the Episcopal Commission, further received a nod from the Pope only if a valid proposal is made on it.

The pontiff was quoted saying: "speak to the bishops and tell them to make valid proposals."

NAIJ.com earlier reported that the pontiff seven months ago said the Catholic Church might be considering changing its tradition and making married men priests.

The Pope while granting an interview to a German weekly newspaper die Zeit said decision was prompted by the shortage of priests in some remote areas across the globe.

He said the Catholic Church must think it through whether having viri probati is a possibility.


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