Gospel Singer Isabella Melodies Shares A Testimony Of How God Saved Her From A Plane Crash

Gospel singer Isabella melodies who recently released two albums shared a testimony of How God saved Her and her husband from a plane crash 21 years ago. 

See her testimony below!

On this date 21 years ago, Thurs 07 Nov 1996, my pregnant self, my husband & baby Shae, got ready to board ADC Airlines Flight 086 from PH to Lagos. My sister was wedding on 09 Nov 1996 so we had to be in Lagos for the wedding. As we got to the boarding gate after securing our boarding passes, a lady stopped us to question what we were carrying in a cardboard box. My husband explained that it was a puppy for my sister. 
We were firmly told we couldn’t take the puppy on board as it was a full flight. Attempts to negotiate were met with a resolute NO. We were given two choices:

1. Leave the puppy behind OR
2. Get off the flight

ADC was reputed to be the best Nigerian airline at the time so we were desperate to board. After much deliberation, my hubstar insisted that we couldn’t leave the puppy behind. On that basis, we were refused board. They removed & returned our checked luggage from the flight.

We eventually flew another airline & arrived Lagos to meet chaos as waiting relatives complained bitterly that ADC had not arrived & they had no updates on the flight.

To cut the long story short, we confirmed that ADC Flight 086 crashed near Lagos killing all 144 passengers & crew on board.

21 years ago today, my very young family could have been wiped out...BUT God! All I have to say is THANK YOU LORD! 
What is my message? - God’s plans for us are better than the plans we have for ourselves. When He interrupts or disrupts our carefully set-out plans, it is because He has a better one. The Lord used a CHANGE OF PLANS to redirect our path from death to life. - Sometimes being left behind means being kept alive! Stop fretting about that delay/rejection because what seems to be working against you could be working for you. The Lord used a NO from the airline to preserve our lives. - Everything & everyone can fail but God. Never put confidence in anything/anyone but God, no matter how clean their record/reputation is. ADC’s brand name was spotless before that fateful day. - NEVER despise/mistreat the “underdog” because God can & does use unlikely & insignificant sources in our lives to do great things. The Lord used a PUPPY to save us. 
Glory to God! 🙏🏾❤️ 


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